Shared by IRPO– NCDOT Wants Public Input on Drones

The N.C. Department of Transportation is seeking public feedback on theuse of drones, which are quickly becoming an important part of the state’s transportation landscape. 

NCDOT’s Division of Aviation launched an online survey this week to gather peoples’ comments on drones, or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).   “Public input has been an important part of our program from the beginning and will be even more important as we move forward,” said Basil Yap, UAS program manager for NCDOT. “We want to make informed decisions based on what people in our state want and what they are concerned about.”

NCDOT has been at the forefront of finding new and innovative ways to use emerging drone technology to benefit people. This includes using them to inspect bridges, monitor storm damage and deliver life-saving medical supplies. 

The survey will ask peoples’ thoughts and concerns about the current and future applications of drones. It will include questions on noise, privacy and safety issues, and the way drones can improve peoples’ lives through the delivery of medical supplies, and assistance with search and rescue operations. The survey can be found online at and takes only a few minutes to fill out. It can be answered by anyone, even someone who has never seen a drone. 


Shared by IRPO–Dynamic Zipper Merge

The department recently introduced new technology in several busy work zones aimed at reducing backups, easing congestion and improving safety when two lanes of traffic merge into one lane.

The Dynamic Zipper Merge uses speed sensors on the side of the highway several miles before drivers must move into a single lane in work zones. The sensors feed data to a message board that changes based on the traffic patterns approaching the work zone. 

This type of merge is intended to work like a zipper. By encouraging drivers to use both lanes up to the merger point, and then to take turns getting into the single lane, they experience less stop and go traffic, reducing backups and making travel safer.

The technology is being tested to see where it may help in other work zones.

Shared by IRPO–Crews Creating Temporary Road Near Lake Lure

NCDOT connecting communities separated by slide

RUTHERFORDTON – Crews from the N.C. Department of Transportation will build a temporary gravel road to serve residents, visitors and businesses using Buffalo Creek Road near Rumbling Bald Resort. The temporary repairs will re-connect the road damaged by a landslide in January.

Employees from the NCDOT’s Rutherford County Maintenance Unit will begin the construction Monday, July 15. It is expected to take approximately two weeks. Crews will grade the roadway and put stone down to re-open it. The temporary repairs will cost approximately $80,000. NCDOT engineers are exploring long-term solutions, which include options that are the most fiscally responsible while minimizing the impact to the community as much as possible. Plans will be shared with the community upon completion, which is expected later this year.

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