How Long Does Pain Last After Hernia Mesh Surgery

How Long Does Pain Last After Hernia Mesh Surgery. In patients with very large inguinal hernia that extend down to the scrotum, sometimes the swelling may. Call today for a free consultation:

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After surgery to repair your hernia, you are likely to have pain for a few days. If a patient has had a mesh inserted already, the average time it takes for half of them to become a pain problem is about 5 years but can last as. Definitions and types of pain.

Pain At The Operative Site Lasts For A Few Weeks.

However, the use of surgical mesh can cause an inflammatory response due to your immune system recognizing it as a foreign object and attacking it. How long chronic postoperative pain usually last? After surgery to repair your hernia, you are likely to have pain for a few days.

This Response Can Cause Pain For Three To Six Months After Hernia Surgery.

Patients may feel tired or confused for two to three days. Affected patients can experience pain for longer than three months after undergoing hernia surgery. You may also feel tired and have less energy than normal.

“People Should Be Concerned About Hernia Mesh Pain Long Before They Decide To Have Hernia Surgery.

A hernia is a defect that happens when an organ, tissue, or part of the intestine pushes through weakened muscles or protrudes through an opening. Pain in the abdomen, infection, chronic pain, intestinal obstruction, recurrence of the hernia, adhesions, mesh complications, and bowel perforation are the common problems after hernia surgery. Infections can be superficial or deep and usually develop after a week or so following surgery.

Chronic Pain Is Defined As The Presence Of Pain, Irritation, Hypersensitivity, Or Discomfort Which Was Not Present Before Surgery And Has Existed For At Least 3 Months Following The Surgery.

Pain at the incision site immediately following a hernia mesh surgery is to be expected. According to the radiographics study, infected fluid collection occurs in between 1% and 5% of hernia patients. Also, inflammation around the incision wound, such as in the mesh is still in progress after three months.

There Are Several Reasons For Chronic Pain, But The Most Likely Source Is An Injury, Kinking, Or Scarring To The Sensory Nerves In The Inguinal Canal.

Hernia mesh repairs are meant to be permanent, but complications often occur. Symptoms of a complication can occur relatively quickly after a repair or take several months or even years. Call today for a free consultation: