How To Be A Better Lover For Your Wife

How To Be A Better Lover For Your Wife. Shower together instead of separately, light scented candles, or massage each other with heated body oil. Be an active participant during sex.

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Your physical and emotional health also factor in to your sense of intimacy with your partner. At the start of a relationship, we are focused on the best in ourselves and in our partner. Consider whether the last thing you can imagine doing is dropping your defenses and opening up to spontaneous and vulnerable sharing.

Show Appreciation To Your Wife.

Keeping the romance in your relationship is key to showing your wife that you love her. This gets him in the mood in a big way. If you are to become a better wife, your presence has to be felt by your husband in several ways.

Take Out The Garbage, Open The Closet And Toss Out The Skeletons.

Your partner will sense your attentiveness and be ever so grateful. “what’s one way i can help you today?” in healthy marriages, we can point out the blind spots and encourage the strengths we see in our spouse. It’s important to take a good look at what your relationship looks like on a daily basis.

There’s Something Said For Being Comfortable In Your Marriage And Knowing That You’ll Always Be There For Each Other, But It’s Important To Not Get So Comfortable That You Forget To Keep The Spark Burning.

When your wife irons your shirts or picks up the dry cleaning, say,. Show your wife she’s special Steps to a better marriage and how to become a better husband.

Tonight, Ask Your Partner A Question, Then Really Listen.

Sometimes, you can be a better wife by not giving him an easy out, or not taking care of something for him. In your attempt to become a better lover, don’t forget to become a better person. It bears mentioning that your attitude isn't the only thing that affects your ability to have an emotionally intimate relationship with your partner.

Guys, Think With The Head On Top Of Your Shoulders And Not The Other One.

Marriage at its best is looking out for the interests of the other. Becoming a better person actually makes us better lovers. Remember, too, that just as your tendency may be to withdraw to avoid conflict, usually the reason your wife is bringing up an issue (and even when she nags) is that she cares about the relationship and wants to make it better.