How To Evict A Tenant In Ontario

How To Evict A Tenant In Ontario. You most certainly can evict a tenant in ontario, but you must have a valid reason to do so. The landlord provides a tenancy termination date on the notice, but the tenant does not have to move out.

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Whatever that reason is, you must have sufficient proof of it being a problem for you as the rental property owner or landlord. Reading over the landlord rules in relation to evicting a tenant in ontario covers the entire process in detail. Ontario tenants have a right to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their rented premises.

If The Landlord Gives A Tenant Notice To End The Tenancy, The Tenant Does Not Have To Move Out.

The landlord provides a tenancy termination date on the notice, but the tenant does not have to move out. If the tenant remains after the period, the landlord can apply to the ltb for a formal. The landlord must use the proper forms that are available from ontario landlord and tenant board.

Keep In Mind, For The Sake Of Renovating A Tenanted Property, You Are Only Temporarily Evicting A Tenant.

Even if your landlord gives you written notice, you don't have to move out. Evictions how the eviction process works. The landlord must pay this compensation to the tenant before the eviction date set out in the notice.

Whatever That Reason Is, You Must Have Sufficient Proof Of It Being A Problem For You As The Rental Property Owner Or Landlord.

The landlord must apply for an eviction order from the landlord and tenant board (also known as the board). Give the tenant a written notice. A landlord’s first step is to give the tenant written notice that they are being evicted.

If The Rent Is Not Paid, And The Tenant Does Not Move, The Landlord Can Apply To Ontario Landlord And Tenant Board For An Order That:

You will need these originals to file for eviction through the sheriff. Requires the tenant to pay the rent that is owing, and evicts the tenant if they do not make the entire payment by a deadline. If the tenant does not leave by the date specified in the order, the landlord will need to file the order with the court enforcement office (sheriff’s office) in order for the sheriff to evict the tenant.

How Long Does It Take To Evict A Tenant?

Understanding the different eviction forms in ontario. In ontario, you can use official forms to give your tenant written notice. This information will need to be brought to the appropriate authorities for a legal eviction.