How To Find Septic Tank Records

How To Find Septic Tank Records. Call around to the local septic tank pumping companies. A sewer outlet pipe perfectly fits this description.

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The lid of the septic tank should be visible. An access point designed for septic system maintenance. The sketch at left shows that giving accurate location of septic components needs simply the identification of key components and distances.

But It Is Also Possible That The Septic Tank Lid Could Be Underground Especially For Old Houses.

Locating your system is not always an easy task. In some cases, a septic tank riser may have been installed and that will make it easy to locate your septic tank. If you do not already have one, contact your county health department for a copy of your septic tank system permit, which will indicate the approximate location of the system and the size of the tank.

How To Find Septic Tank Records.

Please select the scenario below and follow its guidance. To find the septic tank, first check the septic tank map of your property which will have a diagram, with the location of the tank. For best results, enter assessor’s parcel number (apn) with dashes.

If No Successful Searches Are Found Under The Current Owner’s Name, Please Enter The Original Property Owner’s Name.

Another way to figure out how to locate your septic tank opening is by searching for a vent. These pipes can be concealed by things like ornamental rocks or shrubbery, but they can tell you for sure where the septic tank is. Contact the local dhec office to see if they have a copy of your septic tank permit on file.

The Following Tips Can Help You Locate The Septic Tank In Such And Other Related Scenarios.

Alteration permit onsite systems with a failing tank or disposal field will require an alteration permit. Property owners are responsible for keeping accurate records of the septic system location and maintenance for the life of the septic system. Depending on your septic tank setup, your system may include two or three lids.

Ask The Prior Owner Of The Property.

For homes built in the last five (5) years or less. Pressing search will display matching records on the right hand side. You can also use a metal detector to detect the metallic rods of the septic tank, or look for visual signs in the yard, ask the neighbors where their tanks are located or follow the septic pipes as they exit from your home as they will eventually end in the septic tank.