How To Replace A Gas Water Heater Thermostat

How To Replace A Gas Water Heater Thermostat. Before you suspect a malfunctioning heating element, you should first test the thermostat. Typical replacement costs of an thermostat are between $250 and $300.

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The thermostat directs an electrical current to the element, which then heats the water at the top of the tank. To change thermostats, you will need to remove the access panel and safety cover (do this for both upper and lower access panels on dual element units). Remove the wires from the thermostat.

Gas Water Heater Thermostat Replacement.

Whirlpool is a popular manufacturer of water heaters, sold exclusively at lowe's. Always disconnect the power or shut off the breaker before doing any work on a water heater. Typical replacement costs of an thermostat are between $250 and $300.

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Check the power at the upper thermostat connection terminals that transfer power to the lower thermostat. Now that the tools are readily available, it’s time to test the continuity of the thermostats. We gave you a link to find instructions on doing that.

These Thermostats Control Not The Temperature Of The Heating Elements, But For How Long The Element Is On.

Leave the eco in place and do not disconnect it. To confirm the problem, remove the thermostat and the heating element and bring them to a plumbing supply house or appliance repair shop for testing. The thermostat controls the water heater’s preset water temperature, giving you hot water with a consistent temperature.

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The most affordable repair is usually something that needs to be made. If power registers, then test the terminals at the lower element. Install the new thermostat on the water heater and tighten it with the pipe wrench, making sure to line it up with the burner fittings.

Secondly, How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Water Heater Thermostat?

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