Inconclusive Not Detected Covid Test

Inconclusive Not Detected Covid Test. Inhibitor or bacterial overgrowth limited You will need to retest as soon as possible to confirm if you have a positive or negative result.

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Indeterminate means that the test did not detect a clear positive or negative result. That’s why if you received an inconclusive test result, the first thing you should do is isolate. We unfortunately did not collect enough sample on your swab to confirm your test result.

Amplification Of Both Targets Results In A Presumptive Positive (Detected) Test Result, While Amplification Of One Of Two Targets Results In An Inconclusive Result, And Amplification Of Neither Target Results A Negative (Not Detected) Test Result.

There was a problem with the sample you provided or the test itself. An inconclusive test result is treated the same as a positive test result. This could be because no sample was.

Samples With Inconclusive Test Results Should Be Considered As Positives;

In those cases, an inconclusive result is issued because the test cannot confidently determine whether the sample was positive or negative for the coronavirus. No action test not performed (tnp) no result consider retest only if clinically indicated. We unfortunately did not collect enough sample on your swab to confirm your test result.

• You Are Likely Not Infected, But You Still May Get Sick.

Therefore, whether you had symptoms or not at the time of. Inconclusive/presumptive positive or presumed positive means target 1 was not detected but target 2 was detected. If your symptoms are generally mild and stable, please isolate yourself at home.

It Could Also Be Because The Swab Was Contaminated.

• the virus was not detected. Inconclusive results (presumptive positive) or presumed positive: Call the connected covid care virtual clinic at 437 488 1650 and

That’s Why If You Received An Inconclusive Test Result, The First Thing You Should Do Is Isolate.

If you get this type of result you are advised to get tested again for a clear result. Inhibitor or bacterial overgrowth limited Public health authorities in every province and territory have developed their own approaches for testing people based on the local context.