Thermal Belt Rail Trail & Purple Martin Greenway

Below are statistics from the three active counters on the Thermal Belt Rail Trail and one counter on the Purple Martin Greenway. The two links below this paragraph contain the most recent summaries of monthly and aggregated data and charts. The images below those links are the most recent full month’s at the three rail trail counters. At the bottom of the page is a link to PDF versions of prior month stats.

March 2021 – Thermal Belt Rail Trail

March 2021 – Purple Martin Greenway

Aggregated stats (please read disclaimer)

Aggregated data precautions

Below are aggregate totals for the three counters on the rail trail. Please keep these things in mind with those aggregated totals:

  1. The total does not by itself tell us how many people use the trail. It is a total number of counts which includes people who passed more than one counter on the same day. This is especially true for bicycles.
  2. The total does not include people who used the trail but did not pass by any counter.
  3. The total is shown as starting point from which we can estimate the number of trail trips once other adjustment factors are applied. Those other adjustment factors are under development and will including estimating the number of cyclists who pass multiple counters and the number of users that pass no counter.

Most recent month snapshots

Rail Trail – Past Reports

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