Maxxair Ii Vent Cover Installation Instructions

Maxxair Ii Vent Cover Installation Instructions. 1 using the #10 ˜ 32 screws and locknuts provided. The warranty does not protect against acts of god, such as direct lightning strikes, flood, earthquake and war.

Maxx air vent installation instructions from

With the louvers facing the rear of the vehicle, slide the. Lay louver section behind opening of vent cover body with tabs up as shown in figure 1. Slide oval shaped tabs on louver section through the slots on the vent cover body.

If You Are Replacing Another Type Already Installed, Remove The Old Existing Roof Vent.

Remove all old roof sealant for a minimum of 50mm entirely around the roof opening. The company’s flagship product, the maxxair louvered vent cap cover, has been sold in more than 2 million units since its introduction to the marketplace. Does not cover damage incurred by connecting to 115 volts ac.

Our Vent Covers, The Original Maxxair Vent Cover And The Maxxair Ii And Are Designed To Fit Over Vents And Allow You To Travel With The Vent Open And Keep The Rain Out.

Read and save these instructions. If maxxair ventilation solutions determines that the product has been improperly installed (see installation instructions), altered in any way or tampered with. Maxxair ii offers twice as much vent area as original maxxair vent covers.

Maxxair Ii To Install The Hinged Brackets.

Place the maxxair over the roof vent with the louver area facing the rear of the vehicle. Drill one 3/16” hole at center of the marked slots. If you have questions, contact maxxair vent corp.

Place Fanmate® Vent Cover Body On A Flat Surface.

Slip in the hinged side fasteners Make sure the louver edge goes behind the tabs inside of the vent cover. 1) temperature control settings and 2) fan can be reversed bring in fresh air.

Mark Center Of Slots In Brackets Onto The Roof Vent Side Wall.

With the louvers facing the rear of the vehicle, slide the. Mark polk with rv education 101 demonstrates how easy it is to install the newest and most advanced rv vent cover ever designed, the maxx air ii vent cover.h. Maxxair ii vent cover, smoke $ 36.24.